Recap and Match highlights in Villahermosa, Mexico

I first heard that Villahermosa, Mexico is located in the state region of Tabasco from the flight attendant. As my American Airlines airplane touched it's wheels smoothly on the runway,  I quickly thought if I could find a location that I can get a bottle of the world famous hot sauce.  As soon as the plane door opened I was abruptly hit with my new climate and realized that Tobasco sauce is not the only thing that is hot.  It was a blistering 98 degrees at 6:30 pm!  It was evident this week was going to be a hot one.  As a professional tennis player, it is required to acclimate quickly to different conditions around the world very quickly.  My regiment for the next few days included hydrating with a Mexican electrolyte drink named Electrolit, water, and natural juices with potassium.  The highest temperature of the week that I witnessed was 124 degrees off the court and usually a hard court adds 10-15 degrees of heat due to the surface.  This week would surely be a week of survival. 

I managed to practice well and was estatic to compete.  I won my first round match vs Ortiz(Mex) 6060.  My second round match I was defeated by Maginley (Ant) 6460.  Following my second match I felt ill and would soon get a virus! Now It is extremely necessary to rest, recover, and get healthy prior to my second tournament. 


Andrew Carter