Welcome to the Andrewparkscarter.com journal!   Here I will post writings, memories, experiences and ideas that I reflect upon.  The topics will be varied!  I will share many experiences that I have learned and grown from in my decades of playing competitive tennis.  Not only have I been playing tennis during this time but I have been dedicated to pursuing lifelong goals.  This journey has included many accomplishments and setbacks.  They are setbacks because "failures" are only permanent when you quit. In fact, the more I achieve and the more setbacks I face the more I grow!  

Topics will include fitness, motivation, time management, discipline, inspiration, health, self-belief, responsibility, accountability, leadership, social responsibility and more.  My experiences traveling the world as an African-American male playing a perceived elitist sport at the highest levels have resulted in many unique experiences. I aim to inspire, educate, and motivate all who take time to follow this blog.  Welcome! 

Andrew Carter