"My His•Story" a Journal by Andrew Parks Carter

I am Andrew Parks Carter.  My journey in tennis has positively shaped my views, beliefs, and many values that I hold in life.  In this post I will discuss a brief introduction of how I began tennis and my earliest tennis memories.  As you continue to read this blog I hope you will learn and understand how the sport of tennis has helped me develop.

I was born in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1990 to a loving family.  My parents Dr. Arthur F. Carter and Anna Carter and my brother were with me from my birth surrounding me with love and support.  The city is an unassuming hotbed for tennis in the southern United States. With junior national tournaments being held in the area, national and sectional junior champions training and many resources available to pick up a racket I did so at the early age of 3 years old.   I followed my older brother, Arthur, who I have always looked upon as a role model, into the sport of tennis. He began tennis at the age of 12 and because he was my hero I chased a yellow tennis ball carrying a child sized tennis racket.

My earliest memory on a tennis court comes from 1993 when I was with my brother and father, Arthur jr and Arthur F. Carter, hitting two handed forehands and backhands as the ball was tossed to me.  The joy I felt with this experience has stayed the same over decades.

I was inspired to play tennis because of my older brother and the love of the game was kindled by my father.  I began my first tennis lessons at the early age of 6 and competed in my first tennis tournament at age 8.  
At this tournament, I experienced one of my earliest and most important tennis memories. The tournament was hosted during the same week as the grand slam Wimbledon.  My cousin, now departed Misty Carter, asked me if I liked the champions trophy of the tournament I was playing in and also if I admired the Wimbledon trophy.  She asked me if I would keep trying to play until I had a chance to play in Wimbledon.  I answered yes.  I began dedicating myself to this sport of tennis since that time.  I did not know then but this is when I knew I loved the sport of tennis.  

Tennis has brought me many valuable experiences.  From competing in prestigious tournaments around the nation as a junior, to earning a scholarship and attaining my college degree from the University of Louisville, I have learned many invaluable lessons from this character developing sport.   Important character traits such as discipline, patience, self-belief, honor, integrity, responsibility, leadership, work ethic, time management, networking and accountability have been pressed upon me during my development from the age of 3 while playing this sport. I will further discuss my experiences and these values tennis has taught me.